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Inter-Net Community Home Page USAGITEI

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USAGITEI is the inter-net community page that has been born in a national castle town, Odawara. We apply an inter-net enoughly, and offer information in various ways . A long time ago,Odawara prospered as a relay station that exceed HAKONE Mountain root and before passing Mt.Fuji and as touch place to each other of a traveler friendship. And Odawara was loved as a place that spreads a taste and a knowledge. We animated a volunteer spirit of this ancestor,and opened an inter-net common room "USAGITEI" now. Please enjoy your time!!
Information renews it every month. Please expect it.


Greeting from a master of USAGITEI

I was born in SOSHUU,Odawara of a national castle town. I am a master of "USAGITEI" [Japanese rabbit lounge] and my name is UJUJIRANKAN-HASHINOSUKE. There was a reason and entered an inter-net, this time. I came from the age of civil wars "SENGOKU", and brought a message.
If clicking a button that you hope, I am very happy. And now,I am a master of armor club "USAGIJUKU" too.

Usagijuku Family

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